What is the Cloud and where is it going?

The most interesting technology happening today is all about Cloud Technology.  It’s a shame the word Cloud was used to term this change in the way we deploy and use infrastructure and software.  Cloud makes things seem nebulous when actually in reality, this technology is so far away from that.  Cloud providers are offering customers options that they never had before.  The buzz word elasticity is one of the most determinable ways to prove how concrete the Cloud really is.  Companies are expanding their IT infrastructure in way that were never deemed possible.

More than you know

Now that many of the boundaries that held companies back from an IT perspective have been removed, believe that there will be great strides taken in the way we consume services.  Especially those that are based on software.   New and more useful ideas are being expressed through software and realized by those who would never have had the opportunity to partake.  Everybody has an change to get in game and play.

Keep up with what’s happening

The Your Cloud Guru blog is responsible to place an aggregate of information about Cloud Technology in front of you.  For you to learn, grow, and be challenged by what is being shared.  It’s possible that you may even make your own Cloud Technology happenings.